CSIA believes that great customer experience is fundamental to every business.

We support organizations and individuals with best practice know-how, education, certification, international recognition, and practical support – all from a globally recognized service standard.

As the customer landscape changes and shifts, our focus is on relevant, world-class, continual improvement. Today, customer service is a profession that can make an immediate and tangible difference.

We’ll help you see the world through a customer lens.


 Organizations need to continually adapt to keep pace with new challenges and trends – so they can be sure they’re still providing world-class customer experiences. Assess your organization against a world class customer service standard.


As a customer service professional, you’ll set the tone for great customer experiences across your entire organization. Get best practice know-how and practical support to be a leading example in your field.


Keep better customer service in your sights.

Become a Certified Customer Service Organization (CCSO)

All over America, companies that have been certified against the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS) are seeing the benefits – for their customers, their staff, and their business.



Our customer service experience can help you shape yours.

The customer landscape is constantly shifting – and the know-how and skills companies need are more complex than ever. Creating a great customer experience is no longer just worth considering. It’s fundamental to being a better business.


Our focus is on sharing knowledge, research and experience through our event programs


Trending and innovative knowledge hub with socially and globally sourced information and CSIA’s own research


Empowering organizations with the knowledge and skills to develop, execute and manage customer experience


Opportunities for networking and cross-industry peer engagement with other customer experience professionals


Best practices and thought leadership on customer experience related topics


Engage and support consumers, profressionals and businesses

Be a part of a better customer experience.

Join us as an associate member or fellow and keep improving your customer service – with access to globally recognized insights, skills and specialists whenever you need them.